Our Service

Your Wedding Day is extra special and this is not rethorical!It's a really true. It is a unique and impressive moment, that you will remember all your life. You will experience very unforgettable sensations that will resurface with strong emotions.
It is such a long-awaited moment in one's life it represents the fulfilment of a dream.
Planning your perfect wedding can be an overwhelming task and our goal is to provide a memorable stress-free event that has been long awaited for.
Nothing must be left to chance. Carefull attention must be paid to every detail, that must be planned with great skill and efficiency in order to create the image of your dreams and set the scene that will excite yours guests and be a lasting memory for everyone.
'Arancia e Cannella' will take care of your wedding with elegance and refined taste: from the selection of your rings to the wedding cake design.
I can offer you my professionalsm, reliability and meticulous attention to detail, being both your confidant and your perfect problem solver.
This is my role: make your Wedding Day stand out from the rest!
Together we'll make your Wedding Day unforgettable!